Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recap Baking 101

First, we want to say THANK YOU to the 9 women who showed up and ate, watched, ate, watched, ate, watched and ATE! We had a great time teaching and presenting and hope that you had just as much fun!

We are DEFINITELY having MANY more classes so for those of you who didn't get to come and really wanted to... more is on the way!

Thanks Again,
Rachelle & Kate

Insider Tip: Sara G. went to Smart and Final to get Saf Instant Yeast, and found a 25 lb of bread flour for $7.99! Great deal, thanks for the heads up.

Remember, Remember: No matter what kind of mixing machine that you have, make sure that you know what the "cup capacity" is. If it's not meant to handle a "normal" batch of any recipe, then cut the recipe in half.


  1. So, you need to have another baking class and let me know when, because plane tickets are way cheap right now and I wanna come down and see all of you! :)

  2. Or quarter the recipe like I have to do with my 4 quart Kitchenaid mixer